Balloon Fiesta 2017

Photo Essay by Senior Reporter: Hilary Broman


BF 3
Two balloons fully inflated waiting to take flight.
BF 1
At the 46th Annual Balloon Fiesta the Wells Fargo Balloon ascends into the sunrise with an American flag during the National Anthem.
BF 12
The Master Yoda Balloon, also from Belgium, takes flight.
BF 8
One of the balloons begins to rise as the crowd below cheers.
BF 2
One of the many Rainbow Ryders balloons (the balloons that provide balloon rides to passangers) takes flight during the morning ascension.
BF 7
A spectator takes a photo of the festivities. The International Balloon Fiesta is one of the most photographed events in the world.
BF 5
A balloon flies into a clear sky with a view of the moon.
BF 9
The Creamland Cow Balloon, Airabelle, from British Columbia, Canada, looks down over the crowd.
BF 11
A Balloon Fiesta favorite, Darth Vader from Belgium, takes flight.
BF 6
During the Kid’s Day the at Fiesta a child plays under the balloon as it inflates.
BF 10
The Moo Crew helps Airabelle get ready for takeoff.
BF 4
A crew member stands before a balloon spread out on the ground. Balloon crews lay the balloons on the ground, then inflate them while they are still lying down, then they work together to lift the balloon to a vertical position before takeoff.

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