Wake and Create

Story and Photos by Nasia Jones

Staff Reporter

Wake and Create is a clothing company founded by Business Major Frankie Armenta who is on a mission to provide style while also spreading a positive message through clothing.

At the moment, Wake and Create is taking all of their orders through direct message on Instagram @CRE47IVE , said Armenta.

The company doesn’t only do their signature designs, Armenta said, CNM students looking to make custom shirts can also do that through Wake and Create.

W&C 1.jpgArmenta creating a design for a potentially new Wake and Create shirt.

Wake and Create is currently working on a custom order for rapper, Modest, who is also a CNM student, he said.

Wake and Create uses their clothing not only to provide their customers with attire but to also spread positivity through their many messages such as their signature “own the day” shirt, he said.   

W&C 3.jpgArmenta showing off his “own the day” and “explore” shirts, original Wake and Create designs.

The idea of Wake and Create is to build a community of driven creators such as graphic designers, artists, photographers etc. around campus and around the city, said Armenta

“I know I’m not going to make any change selling shirts, my goal is to build a platform for us local creators to come together to make change,” Armenta said.

Last semester Wake and Create set up a table at the Convention Center for a business convention that took place through an entrepreneurial class Armenta was taking, he said.

Through the week of the convention students were given 4 hours a day, Wake and Create sold at least $80 worth of T-shirts within the week, he said.

During the convention Armenta set up a table and projector for people passing by to watch as he created designs, which gained a lot of attention for Wake and Create, said Armenta.

Wake and Create isn’t only about t-shirts, we’re trying to help create events and more opportunity for other creative students within the community, Armenta said

“As much as I want to be successful with this business, I just want to inspire other students to break the mold and live their best life”.

Currently Wake and Create is looking to set up more tables around campus soon, Armenta said, at this moment Instagram is their main source for placing orders.

“One thing you can expect from this company is to continuously try to touch people and inspire through what we do everyday at Wake and Create”

W&C 2Armenta preparing the shirt before he applies the design.

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