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For CNM students who are seeking to step foot into the computer coding world, the STEMulus Center will be taking applications until March 9th for their next upcoming coding boot camps.

The STEMulus center has three boot camp programs for entry level coders; Full Stack Web Development,, and the most recently added Java + Android + Salesforce boot camp, said Senior Program Manager, Andrea Sisneros-Wichman.

Currently in the Full Stack Web Development boot camp students are creating projects such as a digital jeopardy type trivia game where students will create and then play the game to review what they have learned in the program so far, Sisneros-Wichman said.

Some students are working on an application to give users virtual interactions of local Albuquerque art by using city data, said Sisneros-Wichman.

Another group of students are currently working on an app to fight hunger in the city of Albuquerque to help those that are in need on a digital interface, she said.

The Full Stack Web Development and boot camps are ten-week programs, and the Java+ Android + Salesforce boot camp is a twelve-week program.

Every student is required to have their own laptop when starting in the program, Sisneros-Wichman said, other than that, the STEMulus center provides textbooks, a student server, and the infrastructure.

The W.K. Kellog foundation funds the coding boot camps, she said, students who are eligible can receive the Kellog grant for free access to the boot camps.

The Kellog foundation also provides other resources such as child day care to help students become successful during the camps, she said.

So far, 14 companies have been started from students that graduated from one of the STEMulus center’s boot camps, Sisneros-Wichman said.

There are many companies that have hired our graduates such as RSI, Real Time Solutions, and Resistance Solutions 21, just to name a few, she said.

Upcoming Full Stack Web Development and DeepDive.Net boot camps are set to start on April 9th, applications are being accepted as of now but the deadline to turn in applications turned is March 9th, she said.

For students interested in the twelve-week Java + Android + Salesforce Bootcamp it is starting up again on May 21st, but the application deadline will be March 21st, Sisneros-Wichman said.

“I’ve been managing training programs at CNM for eight years now, and this program is by far my favorite, it’s really changed lives,” said Sisneros-Wichman.

The boot camps are challenging but there are resources such as career coaches and success specialists to help students see the boot camp through to the end.

To apply for the Deep Dive Coding boot camps, click here.

The STEMulus center is currently looking into possibly developing a new boot camp based specifically around Sales Force technology, said Sisneros Wichman.

Sales Force is the world’s largest customer management tool, and a lot of places locally are using Sales Force and they are also looking for administrators, developers, consultants or anyone that knows how to properly use the program, she said.


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