Business Major Creates Unique Pet Boutique

By Chloe Fox, Staff Reporter

Pawsitively Appetizing is a new pet boutique located at 1751 Bellamah Ave Northwest, Suite 211 within the Sawmill District, created by Business Administration major Lori Garcia who said she was inspired to make healthy dog confections after her golden retriever was unable to eat store bought treats.

The treats are certified by the FDA, something that Lori said was important from the beginning.

“Some people don’t know this, but you can actually be shut down if you don’t have the proper certifications.”

The classes she has taken while getting her degree in business administration have strengthened her abilities in sourcing information on pet nutrition and running her business, said Garcia.

Pawsitively Appetizing’s treats are all made with human-grade ingredients which means they are safe for human consumption, and her treats avoid common allergens such as gluten and grain said Garcia.

Garcia and Pawsitively Appetizing have roots in the community, as she said her and her mother Toni Garcia started selling their goods at local markets such as the Railyards Market and the Downtown Grower’s Market.

Pawsitively Appetizing sells artwork that has been by animals from the Albuquerque BioPark Zoo, as a result of a connection her mother has made with an Albuquerque BioPark Society official, said Garcia.

They have expanded to offering bandanas, bow ties, chew toys and more which are all handmade by her and her mother, she said.

While the treats started out as a passion project, “I am incredibly excited about being able to bring a unique product to the market which is also good for pets,” she said.

Lori Garcia standing in front of her store located at 1751 Bellamah Avenue Northwest, Suite 2111
Crate blankets designed and created by Lori and Toni Garcia
Bow ties created and designed by the Garcias
An example of one of many different types of treats Pawsitively Appetizing offers.

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