New Max Salazar Hall To Be A Technological First In New Mexico

Story & photos by Staff Reporter

Chloe Fox

The exterior of Max Salazar hall on December 5th, 2019

According to project manager Peter Siebert, the renovated Max Salazar hall features improvements such as added ‘agility spaces’, which Siebert said are equipped with various features such as adjustable color mood lighting, intended to help carve out spaces for students to be productive and comfortable at the same time.

One of the ‘agility spaces’ mentioned by Siebert to help improve the overall student experience in Max Salazar.

Siebert said that an emphasis on improving the technology in the building was at the forefront of the project. A new wifi network, televisions, LED lighting, and self-filtering windows are a small portion of what has been added to the space.

An example of the new LED lighting systems, showcased in an agility space.
A completed 4th floor classroom.

Siebert said that one of the new technological features is the electrochromic windows, which automatically tint throughout the day and give full control to instructors of the amount of light filtering into their classrooms.

CNM is one of the first schools in New Mexico to utilize this technology in the classroom setting, he said.

An additional view of a completed 4th floor classroom.

In terms of inclusivity, Siebert said they’ve added two new single stall bathrooms to each floor in order to help students and faculty feel more comfortable.

A new classroom, part of the front expansion of Max Salazar. This classroom features the new electrochromic windows.

The administration and faculty spaces on the 5th floor are being completely renovated, Siebert said.

There will be more collaborative spaces for students and faculty alike, and there has been an emphasis on improving natural light in those spaces, he said.

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A new reception desk will help students and faculty locate whomever they need to get in touch with, said Siebert.

The new reception desk in the administration and faculty offices located on the 5th floor
The new lobby in the administration and faculty offices on the 5th floor.
Additional student/faculty meeting spaces on the 5th floor of Max Salazar.
The new addition to the front of Max Salazar hall includes all new classrooms, set to open a few months after the rest of the Max Salazar project according to Siebert.

Siebert said the building was built in 1991, which means a gut renovation was required in order to bring in the necessary improvements.

New sustainability efforts have been put in place including exterior telescoping solar arrays which move with the sun, all new LED lighting systems, as well as new meters for all utility usage in order to monitor the building’s consumption and using all LEED certified materials for construction, said Siebert.

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