Student Employees Report to Work

Story by Angelique Cox

Ryan Agosto-Hayes from CNM’s Financial Aid Office has confirmed that CNM is open, and that student employees should report to work normally, unless they are notified differently by their department.

Financial Aid Tech Joseph E Ryan, added that “CNM understands that some student employees might not be able to work due to the impact of COVID-19 on their lives.”

He asked that students be assured, that if they are unable to come to work, due to COVID-19 related life disruptions, such as lack of childcare, etc., they can still be paid for their regularly scheduled hours. 

According to Ryan, “This will be in effect while CNM is in its modified mode of college operations (Monday, March 16, through Sunday, April 5).” 

If a department chooses to send student employees home, and CNM is not closed, they will not be paid for missed hours.

If CNM is closed, students may claim hours on their time sheet that matches their normal schedule, up to 20 hours per week, for the duration of the closure. 

Hiring will be frozen in the event of a closure.

If new student employees have a start date before the closure, they may claim hours as well.

If a new hire is still pending, he/she will be frozen until the campus returns from the closure.

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