N is Next

Story by Mark Graven

Staff Reporter

Yes we do have an “N” Building on the CNM Main Campus as of Wednesday, June 24th.  But after next week, it will be gone, according to Peter Siebert, a facilities project manager with CNM’s Physical Plant Department. 

Workers were on site cleaning out classrooms this week.  A special crew (Keers) is being utilized to handle the presence of asbestos and lead for the demolition, according to Siebert.

The asbestos and lead did not pose a threat to occupants during the building’s history, because hazardous materials were “encapsulated,” under tile, Siebert said.  

Art classrooms, among those being cleared this week, will be moved temporarily to the newly renovated Max Salazar Hall, until they find a permanent place in Ken Chappy Hall, after it is renovated, Siebert said.

The N site will become part of the North Parking Lot, and also provide space for an enlargement of the plaza in front of Louis E. Saavedra Administration Building, according to Siebert.

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