ECOS Welcomes Three New Officers

By Angelique M Cox, Staff Reporter

The Executive Council of Students, ECOS, is CNM’s student government group, explained Colin Stapleton, Outreach Officer.

“It’s members organize student activities, and work with the administration to improve the student experience at CNM,” said Stapleton.

The CNM Chronicle recently asked the new officers of ECOS, why the joined the Counsel, and to highlight of some of their goals as members, during their term.

Alex Crossland, the current President of ECOS, shared that he first started going to ECOS meetings because he was interested in student government and the activities they helped provide for CNM students.

“I decided to join because I wanted to be part of a team dedicated to helping students and clubs,” said Crossland.

As President, one of Crossland’s main goals is to ensure effective oversight of student money, to make sure that student difficulties are heard by the CNM Administration and help to support student activities, according to Crossland.

Imane Bahji is the current Vice President and she joined ECOS because she believes the student body must have a vocal and active student government on campus to represent their interests and needs, said Bahji.

“I want to be part of that process,” said Bahji.

Bajhi said that as an ECOS member, wants is to make sure that attending CNM is a memorable experience for all students.

She wants to assure students that their concerns are listened to and met with action in a timely fashion, said Bahji.

“I love to play team sports. It serves as a balance to schoolwork. Before COVID-19, you could find me playing pickup basketball or soccer games at UNM every week. With social distancing, I’ve had to make adjustments. So, for the past few months, I try to go for a quick run before most people are awake. But that is easier said than done,” said Bahji.

Colin Stapelton, the new Outreach Officer of ECOS, said he joined to be more involved.

“I initially joined ECOS to learn more about student activities at CNM. I believe that student clubs, and activities, are some of CNM’s most valuable community-building resources,” he said.

ECOS is heavily involved in organizing, and funding, these student activities, said Stapleton.

As an ECOS member, Stapleton said h e hopes to continue growing student activities.

“I also would like ECOS to become more active in student advocacy, particularly to help students who are struggling with administrative issues. I believe ECOS is currently an underutilized resource, and I would like to increase its effectiveness,” said Stapleton.

He is interested in acting, and film production, and CNM has a great community for both of these activities, Stapleton said.

Stapleton shared that he has been heavily involved with CNM’s Improv Club, and that he recently started the Camera Acting Club, to help students further participate in these activities outside of class.

Both clubs are currently inactive because of the shutdown, said Stapleton.

Stapleton added, “We hope to resume them as soon as possible.”  

ECOS is a great way to learn about the various student activities at CNM, and ECOS membership can be a resume item, for future employment, said Stapleton.

“ECOS is always recruiting new members,” said Stapleton.

The next two ECOS meetings are scheduled for Friday August 7 and August 21 at 2:00 pm, said Stapleton.

All meetings are currently being held online.  Students can access the ECOS meeting room typing the following URL directly into their browser:, said Stapleton.

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