Drive In At Balloon Fiesta Park

Story And Photos by Dshawal Oluwakoya

Staff Reporter

 The drive-in theater was created to support New Mexicans through this pandemic, said drive-in organizer Levi Sperry.

Movies have been shown through the summer and the turnout has been good, he said.

Right now there are events scheduled through September 4th with more shows to be announced, he said.

“I think students should come see a movie because it is fun and you get to spend time out with your friends and family, watch a movie together and create wonderful memories even during tough times,” he said.

All drive-in presentations are COVID-safe, people can stay in their cars or tailgate as long as they stay within the appropriately distanced zones, he said.

Tamara Villescas a UNM student said she comes to watch movies here frequently. “I come here every time with my girls, it gives me a reason to leave the house, also I love food trucks”.

They are located at 9201 balloon museum Dr NE, view shows and book tickets online here, any questions can be sent to, said Mr. Levi.

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