Take A Virtual Balloon Ride with The ABQ Balloon Museum

Story and photos by

Olawale Oluwakoya

Staff Reporter 

CNM students should participate in the Balloon museum virtual field trip because 

Anderson Abruzzo international Balloon Museum

it is fun, educative, informative and a great opportunity to acquire a wealth of knowledge without leaving their couch, said Balloon Museum’s Field Trip and Volunteer Coordinator Katie Farmin. 

The Virtual Field Trips will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am, the lesson is approximately 40 minutes and will be a mix of PowerPoint, video, and some movement, she said. 

The field trip will cover the history of early ballooning, the anatomy of a balloon, the science behind balloon flight, and a short history of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, she said.

Photo Puzzle Exhibit at the Balloon Museum

“The available dates for the virtual field trips will be provided in the registration form (here). You will have a first and second choice, however, they are not guaranteed. If your choices are not available, you will be contacted to coordinate other possible choices,” she said. 

“Once you register, a confirmation email will be sent out with the date of the field trip. You have the choice of the museum sending a Zoom link, Google Meet link, or we can pop into your class if you have a recurring link with whatever platform you are using for your digital classroom,” she said.

Exhibition at the balloon Museum dedicated to Brave Airfare

After the field trip, another email will be sent out with additional material for students to reflect on what they learned, she said. 

If students have any more questions they can send an email kfarmin@cabq.gov or call (505) 768-6027, said Katie Farmin. 

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