File Your Complaints Under ECOS

Story by

Mark Graven

Staff Reporter
After its last two board meetings were dominated by discussion of complaints about remote learning at CNM, the Executive Council of Student (ECOS) is seeking more input on the subject from the student body.
Board members say they are encouraging CNM students to give anonymous feedback through the suggestion box it has set up on its CNM web page. 
By searching for “Executive  Council of Students ECOS, Suggestion Box,” students can find a place to voice concerns and suggest improvements, according to ECOS board members.
ECOS Vice-president Imane Bahji brought up her cocerns about remote learning at the ECOS meeting of September 18.   She said that her math and science courses lacked a lecture component, so that it was difficult to interact with professors, ask questions, and clarify difficult concepts.  She said that if students don’t understand what is going on in a course, they might be inclined to drop out of class, and even quit school.
“It is frustrating to students, when they expect lectures, and don’t get them,” said ECOS President Alex Crossland, after discusssion resumed on remote learning at ECOS’s September 25 meeting.
Crossland said that remote learning is beginning to look more like a “self-study” project.
Board members noted that that they, as a board, could not make any decisions regarding remote learning, but they could act as advocates for student concerns to the administration.
Colin Stapleton, ECOS outreach officer., said the ECOS suggestion box allows for anonymity, so student could feel free to express themselves.
Board members said they would be looking at other institutions to see what steps they are doing to make remote learning more palatable and productive.

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