ECOS Continues Work on Remote Learning Message

Story by Mark Graven

Staff Reporter
CNM’ s Executive Council of Students (ECOS) decided Friday to spend at least another week drafting a letter to the CNM administration regarding making improvements to remote learning at CNM.
ECOS President Alex Crossland said ECOS could use extra time to present as complete of picture as possible of what remote learning is like for CNM students.  He said he has been attending “review meetings” for various departments at CNM, but would still like more information.
ECOS has been soliciting feedback on remote learning through its Suggestion Box, which can be found on ECOS’s CNM web page.  Concerns or suggestions can be submitted anonymously, ECOS says.
Crossland said he was not interested in being better than other institutions on remote learning, if such institutions are setting a low bar.  He said that he wants to ensure that CNM students are receiving the quality education they expect, and are paying for.
Colin Stapleton, ECOS outreach officer says that CNM may be “treating students more like employees than customers.”
ECOS Vice-President Imane Bahji, who did not attend Friday’s meeting, has criticized the “lack-of-lecture” format to remote learning as limiting interchange between students and professors, which she says, could help clarify difficult concepts for students.
ECOS members said they would consider sending a letter to the Faculty Senate, as well as the CNM administration regarding remote learning.

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