A Sky High Wedding

Story and Media by

Mark Graven

Staff Reporter

Leslie Bordeau, a CNM student in 2014-2015, embarked on marriage in spectacular fashion, getting married to his sweetheart, Lorisa Silva.
The couple, both from Albuquerque, launched their marriage with a party of 10, taking off from the Cottonwood Mall parking lot.
Silva said that a friend suggested a balloon-based wedding to her about a month ago.
“I just thought that was a good idea,” said Silva.
So here they were, and there they went–up, up, and away, in a party that included a minister, a photographer, and various family and friends.
Their balloon was one of 11 Rainbow Ryder balloons taking off from the Cottonwood Mall.  
Ordinarily, Rainbow Ryders would be participating in the Balloon Fiesta, which was canceled this year, due to Covid. 

But Rainbow Ryders and others were keeping the fires burning for ballooning, through private enterprise this year.  Rainbow’s intent is to keep launching flights daily, weather permitting, its representatives said.
Albuquerque officials have encouraged the private party ballooning, labeling it Balloon Siesta.  
There were perhaps 50 balloons dotting the skies over Albuquerque.  During Balloon Fiesta, more than 500 are typically launched.

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