ECOS Frustrated by Lack of Communication with Students

Story by

Mark Graven

Staff Reporter
As the CNM Executive Council of Students (ECOS) delayed its project of submitting a letter to the college administration regarding concerns about remote learning, ECOS members voiced complaints about their inability to communicate with fellow students.
ECOS President Alex Crossland said, at a remotely attended meeting on Friday, October 16th, that he sensed that many students  feel “isolated,” but that is hard to substantiate because of a lack of communication.

Board Vice-president Imane Bahji said she knows she is frustrated by remote learning, and the difficulty in having “give and take” with professors,
“I go through my weekly cry sessions,”  said Bahji, adding,  “I might have to finish my degree, never sitting in another classroom.”
Bahji suggested that ECOS should hold an on-line event where students “can vent”  on remote learning, if they want.  
No students from the student body at large attended Fridays ECOS meeting.  The meeting are advertised on  ECOS CNM web page, which provide the remote connection to the meetings.  

ECOS does have a Suggestion Box on their CNM page, set up by ECOS Outreach Officer Colin Stapleton, although this has been rarely used.  ECOS said it did receive one suggestion, in the week prior to last Friday meeting.
Stapleton has emphasized that suggestions can be made anonymously.
ECOS has been discussing ways that it can interact with students, and the many student clubs it funds, in one place, but has yet to settle on a solution. 
ECOS members decided to give themselves to the “end of October” to finish their letter to the administration.

Crossland said it may be difficult to have an impact on remote learning for the current semester, but that the letter could help with the Spring term.

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