Hartzler State of the School Address

Story by

Olawale Oluwakoya

Staff Repoter

Tracy Hatzler the president of CNM gave a speech addressing the state of the college and new strategies for the year ahead and beyond.

CNM has met, managed expectations, and shared information to build a community in a way that many places have not been able to, she said.

 More than 4 million dollars unexpectedly came into the schools budget during the pandemic, allowing the school to focus on e-caring, and give more than a million dollars in awards to students within the spring and summer time, said Tracy.

In addition to creating Wi-Fi hotspots around campus, CNM ramped up the frequency of training sessions and webinars for employees to be able to expand and use the latest technologies available to them, she said.

“The progress made by CNM during the pandemic has been outstanding, the tireless effort put in by each member of the team for the benefit of our students and community has been inspirational,” she said.

Making changes during a pandemic takes a lot of courage, the school is thriving  thanks to our courageous teams, we appreciate the work that they have done and how they were able to live our values, she said.

”The courage of individuals who come to campus on a regular basis to keep us safe is really inspiring so I want to thank maintenance, operations, security, IT and so many who’ve been around and on campus, “she said.

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