ECOS Looking For Answers

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Mark Graven

Staff Reporter

Frustrated by what it perceives as a lack of a response in its call for improvements to remote learning at CNM,  the Executive Council of Students (ECOS) has decided to target the mid-level of the CNM  bureaucracy to get action. 

At a meeting on February 5th, ECOS decided to contact the Physics Department to try and arrange meeting with its professors to convince them to insert a lecture component in the instructional programs.

Imane Bahji, ECOS vice president, said it was puzzling that the students should be in a situation where “we have to inform educators that we need a lecture.”

Within the last six weeks, ECOS has written to the president of CNM, Tracy Hartzler, and met with the Faculty Senate, about its concerns, but little has changed, according too Bahji, a Math, Science and Engineering (MSE) major.

“All we can do is to keep on trying”  said Colin Stapleton, ECOS outreach officer.

ECOS President Alex Crossland said that it makes sense for ECOS to be persistent in trying to improve remote learning.  “We need to pursue this at various levels” he said.  

Bahji has consistently contended that students need to be able to have real time interaction with professors to clarify difficult concepts in math, science, and computer programming.  

“Otherwise students will just pay a couple hundred bucks more and take the classes at UNM, or elsewhere,”


CNM President Tracey Hartzler said in her state of the college address in January that the enrollment for Spring semester showed an 11 percent decline over last year.  She noted that CNM is slightly behind the national average in enrollment decline–which is 10 percent, in this time of Covid.  Most of CNM’s classes have gone remote in this time, with just a few returning to campus under restrictions.

ECOS board members said they would like to meet with Linda Martin of CNM’s Office of Data Strategy, for a more in depth look at the reasons for the enrollment decline.

Bahji said she thought Spring Semester would be different after ECOS raised concerns over remote learning during the fall.

“But it is not (different),”said Bahji, noting that professors had the winter break to make adjustments.  “Now we want to express urgency,” said Bahji.

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