The Games That Are Getting Us Through

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By Angela Harrington

Staff Reporter

 Psychology major Isaiah Theodis said that game play has been a great way for him to get away from the stresses of not seeing friends.

He does still get out and partake in some outdoor activities, but playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with friends and online role-playing games (RPG) has helped him get through the social distancing that has become a way of life over the last year, he said.

 “I generally like the RPG games because it kind of gets you away from what you are doing and puts your mind in a different place,” said Theodis.

 Theodis recommends games like Minecraft because players can let their imaginations fly by building things like mansions or castles, he said.

Photo of the Game Survive

 He stated, “With a lot of those action adventure games, the concept is just destroying, but at the end of the day, building something is a lot more fun and productive.”

He said he likes board and card games as well.

“I have been making my parents pretty mad lately with UNO. It’s hard for people to smoke me in UNO, that’s like one of my favorite things,” said Theodis.

Geography instructor Justin Fuller said Uno is one of his family’s favorites, but they also play Chutes-and-Ladders, Connect Four, and Go Fish, among others.

 “I introduced my kids to Battleship, which they liked with the hunting and finding your opponent and using the Grid-type, almost a map, to record where you and your opponent’s ships are located,” Fuller said.

If you are looking for something different to play maybe try a game called SURVIVE Escape From Atlantis! (Currently being played by a member of the CNM Chronicle Staff). The idea of the game is to save people on an island, before a volcano erupts.

Click the link here for more game ideas.

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