Tag: Issue 13 Volume 19

Editorial: New building woes

By The Chroncle Editoral Board Students and employees of the bookstore are feeling the pinch after relocating to the new building named after Robert P. Matteucci or RPM, as mentioned in the front page story “Shrinking Pains.” During the last few semesters, it seemed the bookstore employees were developing […]

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, While going to pick up my wife’s Pharmacology book that she had ordered about a month and a half ago in used condition, I was perturbed that it had never been delivered. I then made the decision to pick up a new copy. After making my […]

Letter to the Editor

A trip to the ‘new and improved’ Main Campus bookstore proved disastrous this past Tuesday. I would not have imagined beforehand that the move would be such a dismal failure. In fact, I was looking forward to seeing some improvements. Unfortunately, that was not the case. First of […]

Cool classes: African American Studies; Bringing African American history to the forefront of higher education

By Deborah Cooper, Staff Reporter Introduction to African American Studies is designed to outline the evolution, the goals, the philosophy and the method of African American studies or Africana studies, said Ph.D. Charles Becknell, Cultural Studies Instructor. “It’s really situated not to discuss African American history from a beginning […]