Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,
While going to pick up my wife’s Pharmacology book that she had ordered about a month and a half ago in used condition, I was perturbed that it had never been delivered. I then made the decision to pick up a new copy.
After making my way to what I thought was the back of the line, some disgruntled people were glaring at me from behind some merchandise and it became clear that I was standing right at the front of the line. I thought it was funny that a bookstore employee was standing right there and said nothing.
When waiting in line for twenty five minutes and watching two different employees standing behind a cash register and not taking any customers, I began to grow extremely irritated that there were only a total of two cashiers helping people with about twelve or fifteen registers closed down with nobody behind them.
Halfway through my transaction, I asked to speak to a manager. The manager came over and I remarked that I had been standing in line for forty minutes and that there only seemed to be three cashiers working the registers with other employees milling about not helping customers get on their way a week before the semester was about to begin. Taking an attitude with me instead of owning up, she reported that she had two or three cashiers call in absent this morning.Upon leaving the building and realizing that I had left my sunglasses in the car, I was also highly annoyed that the exterior of the building is white, which blinded me momentarily as my eyes adjusted to the tremendous amounts of light being reflected off of the building. It drove me nuts that they spent loads of money on a new building but couldn’t afford to pay cashiers to operate the registers. Their prices are gouging and the service has mostly been terrible.
I can factually say that I will NEVER use Follett again for ANY of my or my wife’s educational needs. Follett needs to get a clue and smarten up. Half.com and Amazon have my family’s business from this point forward.
Student, Scott Gagnon

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