Story and Photos by

Mark Graven

Staff Writer

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A photo tour of CNM’ Advanced Technology Center (ATC) shows the campus to be operating in a low-energy mode.

ATC, according to its website, is an 80,000 square foot facility, replete with state-of-the art classrooms and labs.  When operating at full throttle, ATC hosts loads of classes in the fields of:  Architectural Engineering;  Aviation Maintenance; Construction Management; Film Production; Surveying; Truck Driving; Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and more.  

In the late morning of Monday, June 7th, the ATC campus is quiet.   A couple of small planes parked on the east side of ATC, do not appear ready for take-off.   The south parking lot has only a few cars, while there are no vehicles in the “fuel efficient” and “low emission” parking slots on the west side.

Signs at the entry door on the south side indicate that face coverings are required for all persons entering the building, and that once inside, folks should maintain a distance of at least six feet apart.  

There are no people at the entryways, although one person is spotted at a distance, down a long concourse.   Signs indicate that at least two classes are meeting at ATC during Summer Session.

But Sol the Suncat seems a solitary figure as pictured on the wall near the north entrance.  Sol looks to be in a good mood–perhaps because there is nobody to yank his tail, or rattle his cage, so to speak, this fine sunny morning.

A Celebration with Sol

Story and Photos by

Angela Harrington

Staff Reporter

CNM’s first ever post virtual graduation ceremony celebration was a success!
Graduating students and their friends and families lined up in their vehicles to make their way through the Smith-Brasher parking lot on Saturday May 1st, and patiently waited to be cheered and revered for the successes they have accomplished.
Sol the Suncat was there to make sure it was a lively time!
The route was lined with faculty and staff, clapping and waving, as each graduate rolled up and got out of their vehicle to be presented with a beautiful diploma cover and other school memorabilia.
As the traditional Pomp and Circumstance March played over the loud speaker, Dean of Students Chris Cavazos busily coordinated the announcement of each graduate’s name as they arrived.
CNM President Tracy Hartzler greeted the graduates and happily posed for quick photos with them as they made their way around the stage area, where CNM Board Members and additional faculty were waiting to congratulate them.
There was no shortage of enthusiasm or elation at the socially distanced and masked celebration.

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