Student government raises funds for campus unity

By: Steph Muha, Staff Reporter
Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

The Executive Council of Students is selling raffle tickets throughout the month of April to raise money for student events during the 2012-13 school year, said ECOS president and Electrical Engineering major Cesar Silva.

The proceeds from the raffle will help ECOS to host events geared toward creating unity among students and student organizations, said ECOS Vice President Stephen Martos. “We’ve discussed a lot of possibilities for the 2012 school year. In the past, ECOS has hosted ban­quets and free pizza days, which we would love to do again. We’ve also talked about possibly offering a small scholarship,” said Martos.

Silva said the $1 raffle tickets can be purchased in the cafeteria Monday through Thursday during the lunch hour. On Fridays, students, staff and faculty can also buy tickets in the ECOS office located in por­table ST12-A. The winners will be announced on May 3.

There are several possible prizes, including a one night stay at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort and dinner for two; a one-night stay at Hotel Albuquerque with dinner and a movie for two; a fun pack that includes food, minia­ture golf and go-kart racing; as well as several more prizes, said Silva.

ECOS will also be selling teddy bears at the spring graduation cer­emony, said Martos.

ECOS is the CNM student government and actively brings stu­dent concerns to the attention of the administration, appoints members to various decision making commit­tees, coordinates public services and organizes charity events for the local and national communities, said Silva.

Meetings are held every Friday at 3:30 in ST12A and this is where are all decisions are made.

There are officer positions avail­able in ECOS right now, as well as a number of other opportunities.

“Members get to network with great people who will help them get ahead academically and profession­ally,” said Silva.

For more information about ECOS, or for a complete list of raffle prizes, contact Cesar Silva at

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