Newly Elected Students Government Officers Prepare for New School Year

By: Stefany Olivas, Business Manager

The newly elected officer team for the Executive Council of Students has big plans for the student body this year, said Criminal Justice major and E.C.O.S. President Stephen Martos.

Among other projects, the group is planning a fall carnival, a campus clean-up and a few fund­raising events for student scholar­ships, said Martos, who was elected as student-body president by the members of the council during the Summer/Fall term break.

Members and participants of student government look for prob­lems students may be experiencing on campus and also attend differ­ent administrative meetings, such as the Publication Board, Faculty Senate, and Governing Board, in order to stay informed on subjects that may be affecting students.

“We want a presence with all of these organizations to make sure that we’re staying in touch with everything that is going on that has to do with the students,” said Martos.

Martos encourages all stu­dents, even if they are not interested in becoming an official member, to attend the meetings and talk to the members. He said there are certain people who have been involved with the group for more than a year, but are not official members.

“We want interaction with the students. The opportunities are there to help around campus without actually having to feel like you’re dedicating yourself that much, but you’re still able to help out which is what we really appreci­ate,” said Martos.

The group works hard to coor­dinate with the school to address student concerns — whatever they may be at the time, said Martos.

Members also focus on what they see around campus, but Martos said he wants to hear other individuals’ concerns and make sure they are addressed.

“Other issues we need to focus on are just hearing individuals concerns and fol­lowing through with them to make sure that they’re resolved,” said Martos.

In the past, the organization has helped get more motorcycle parking in various Main campus parking lots, hosted safety walks to address lighting and other safety concerns around campus, and collected student, faculty and staff opinions on chang­ing the summer term from 12 weeks to eight weeks. In the term-change survey, the group was able to collect 2,442 opin­ions, said Martos.

“We want students to know that they can bring their prob­lems to us and that we’ll do our best to help them,” said Martos.

Recently an issue was brought to the attention of E.C.O.S. that the Pell Grant award was being changed from a six-year award to a four-year award. This change is causing many students to lose their aid, even though they have very few classes left to finish their programs. Martos said E.C.O.S. is look­ing for a way to help them pay for the classes they need in order to graduate.

“There are students on the edge of finishing their program who may not be able to do so without just a little more help,” said Martos. “We’re going to find a way to help them.”

Meetings are held every Friday during the term in porta­ble ST-12A, east of Ken Chappy Hall. In order to become an offi­cial member a student must fill out an application and submit two letters of recommenda­tion, one of which has to be from a faculty or staff member. Students can contact Martos at

2012-13 Executive Council of Students Officer Team

Stephen Martos

  • Elected position: President
  • Criminal Justice major Stephen Martos said he ran for the position because he has been a member of the group for a long time and wanted the oppor­tunity to take on the responsibility.
  • “I’ve learned a lot around campus and I want to do more good for the group in general to help the stu­dents. That’s the main focus: to help better our school — to really hear people’s problems,” said Martos.

Daniel Meza

  • Elected position: Vice President
  • Business major Daniel Meza had been running for the position of Communications Officer when he was nominated for Vice President. He said that that was when he realized he could make the most impact for the student body in that position.
  • “I accepted the Vice President nomination because I feel I can lead E.C.O.S. to the next level and engage more students,” said Meza.

Levi Turner

  • Elected position: Community Outreach Chair
  • Liberal Arts major Levi Turner said he chose to run for the position of Community Outreach chair because he wanted the opportunity to increase collaboration between student organizations.
  • “I want to encourage an active and involved campus com­munity,” said Turner.

Emily Sarvis

  • Elected position: Administrative Officer
  • Biology major Emily Sarvis said she enjoys being involved with the student organization because it provides many opportunities and lets her meet great people.
  • “I like knowing that we’re making an effort to help CNM and the community. It’s nice to be a part of something bigger,” said Sarvis.

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