Dean of Students:

By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

University Students May Be Stealing Parking Permits

There have been reports that UNM stu­dents may be stealing CNM parking permit decals, said Dean of Students Rudy Garcia.

He said the permits are at risk of being stolen because some students may want to avoid paying the higher parking fees at the UNM lots.

The general parking lots at Main campus on University Boulevard and Avenida Cesar Chavez are located near a UNM shut­tle bus stop, which makes the CNM general lot enticing to some UNM students, he said.

“The reason parking permits are now required, especially at Main, is to ensure CNM students, fac­ulty and staff have available parking,” said Garcia.

Lieutenant Bernard Rogers of CNM security was unable to respond to questions in time for print.

No reports of decal theft have been made since fall term, but if a student suspects a decal has been stolen a report should immediately be filed with security, he said. the second week of the

“The decals are good for the academic year and next year we most likely will be buying decals that will go on the inside front window,” said Garcia.

The switch to parking decals that stick to the out­side of windows rather than the inside was because many students have windows that are heavily tinted which can make it difficult for the decals to be seen.

Students can tape the decals to the inside of the rear window to prevent theft, he said.

To report a decal theft or any other campus crime to the security department call 224-3002.

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