Special speakers enrich student experience

Editorial, By the Chronicle Editorial Board
It is so good to see that award winning pets and writers are coming to CNM to speak and inspire students to strive for what these writers have achieved.
Endeavoring to become a writer can be tough, especially with the abundance of writing careers that are sometimes impossible to get, which is not usually stable long-term employment, so it is crucial to have these successful writers come to the school to speak, to show students that they can succeed, and that they can in fact become the writer they hope to be in the future.
The Chronicle salutes the Writer’s Clubs on campus, that not only help up and coming writers to hone their skills, but also to bring students the opportunity to see real published writers that have succeeded in the world, and who inspire students to reach for their dreams of someday being nationally published writers.
Student groups such as the Writer’s Club are the fabric of what makes our school special, because they can make a difference and inspire students to become everything they want to be after college.

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