Culinary makes it on Kasa

By Rene Thompson, Editor in Chief

Culinary instructors Kerry Logan and Amanda Scott got to share some of their favorite reci­pes for homemade ice cream and sorbet treats in the wee hours of the morning on a segment for 2 Kasa This Morning.

Wednesday, June 11 these chefs, as well as Culinary major and reporter for the Chronicle Daniel Johnson educated early bird audiences on easy to make frozen treats.

It was the first time a stu­dent joined instructors on a local segment, which Scott and Logan said they do for the culinary pro­gram from time to time to pro­mote what culinary has to offer to prospective students.

“A lot of people don’t know we exist, so it’s nice to get on there,” Logan said.

The instructors made coco­nut lime sorbet and vanilla bean ice cream, which students will be learning about in the coming weeks, Scott said.

“It was pretty neat; it was a challenge to work in some­what of a fake kitchen, so you kind of have to (adapt),” she said.

Logan said that there are many different types of frozen desserts and that the classifi­cations are usually based on where they originated, the type of ingredients, and the process that they go through when being made.

“It depends on where it comes from in the world, like gelato, Italian (ice), and granitase, so it just depends on where you are at,” adding, “Americans— we love our ice cream!”

Logan said the trio did two different segments with recipes and explained the vari­ances of some frozen desserts.

“We talked about the differ­ences first between sorbet and sherbet, and then the second segment was on ice cream and gelato,” Logan said.

Scott said they would love to keep doing different seg­ments as long as they are invited back, and that she hopes to get the Street Food Institute food truck on the show, as 2 Kasa This Morning has a food truck Fridays segment where they showcase local food trucks on the program.

Scott is also a supervi­sor and shift manager on the food truck, she said.

“It’s to get more CNM culi­nary exposure, and that we have a culinary school here. I like that the food truck is consistent work experience for our students and it’s a paid internship,” Scott said.

The experience that stu­dents get from the food truck is much like real restaurant expe­rience, so that students learn how fast-paced it really can be serving people and that chefs really have to think on their feet, she said.

The truck also changes the menu, sometimes even day to day, depending on if a student’s new recipes are being incorpo­rated, or if there are leftover supplies not used by students in culinary classes, she said.

“We are trying to be sus­tainable, so if we have a whole bunch of berries left­over, we might just do a smoothie day and the students are making new menu items that we are slowly putting on the truck,” Scott said.

Logan said that even Johnson’s can­died bacon recipe was in the segment as a topping for the vanilla bean ice cream, which she said that the group­ing of sweet and salty is a dynamite combination.

For more infor­mation on these recipes or to watch the 2 Kasa This Morning clips, go here

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