New Statue aspires to growth and strength


By Hailey Tolleson

Staff Reporter

CNM added a statue, named “Growth in Strength”, to the south side of the library, which was revealed on October 10th, said Karen Yank, local sculptor.

 The purpose was to commemorate CNM’s 50th anniversary but due to budgetary delays, she wasn’t able to have the project done by the exact date, but was able to get it done with in the 50th year, she said.

 “I hope in another 50 years they’re celebrating their 100th anniversary right here” said Yank.

 Mary Bates-Ulibarri, project director, was pleased with the end result and described the way every angle presents a new harmony and contrast.

 According to Yank, the focal piece of the sculpture represents strength, shown by the inclusion of the Sandia Mountains and resiliency through the robust wild flower growing out of the harsh environment.

 This piece stands 20 feet tall and the sculpture itself is made from stainless steel and corten, a type of steel that has a corrosion resistant patina, she said.

 The seats that get direct sunlight are made with aluminum and the shadier seats are made with steel, she said.

 A plaque will be added with a QR code that will direct viewers to an informative video, she said.

 She was able to use her time here to help student artists by giving them advice on presenting their portfolios as well as inviting them to the multiple stages of the project, she said.

 “Twenty-Five years in Albuquerque has not only given me a unique perspective on CNM, but has also influenced my work all over the city,” she said.

 She has done projects for Coors/I-40, UNMH and is working on projects for a safety house in Los Cruces as well as the Vista Grande community center, she said.



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