Just Blaise

By Nasia Jones

Staff Reporter

CNM is home to many students with different talents, one of those students is Business Major Blaise Habona who has been using his graphic art to build his name and brand as a local artist.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 8.56.33 PMAn animation courtesy of Blaise Habona

The type of art Habona makes is digital illustrations, he said, although he also does other things such as photo manipulation and animations.

Habona has been exploring art since he was in the 10th grade, he said.

He started with creating traditional style art which ended up leading him to graphic design, Habona said.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.00.40 PMA graphic made specifically for ASAP Worldwide courtesy of Blaise Travis

Habona has worked on graphics for local bands such as CO-O and has also worked with main stream music groups like the Migos, he said.

“CNM has impacted my career in a positive way because I have met other artists in classes and on campus that I could share ideas with.”

The reason Habona started to create art pieces is because he saw other artists’ pieces and liked how cool they looked, he said.

“I tried to copy what they would do, and the more I did it the more I fell in love with art.”

A few CNM students have also had work done by Habona, recently a classmate came to him wanting cover art for a song his band made called Snake Bite, he said.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.01.20 PMA Migos mock cover for their album Culture, courtesy of Blaise Travis.

The art he makes doesn’t really have a message, Habona said, but he wants to inspire other young artists like himself to be fearless and do what they love every day.

Art work done by Habona can be found on his website at Blaisetravis.org or his Instagram @blaisetravis



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