Students Share Their Opinions on Active Shooter Training

By Ashley Shickler

Staff reporter

An active shooter training class, led by Chief security officer, John Corvino, is scheduled to take place on Friday June 29th, in the Smith Brasher hall, room 101 from 12:00-1:30 pm.

In continuation of the previous article with John Corvino, the CNM Chronicle interviewed students this week on whether they feel that these trainings matter to them, if they’d like to see more classes being held, and whether they worry about school shootings.

Cipatli Garcia, Criminal justice major, said, “I do worry about school shootings, and it would be helpful to have more active shooter training classes held at CNM.”

A few students mentioned that they already had these trainings at their place of work and felt they were beneficial in feeling safer and prepared in case a shooting was to ever occur on campus.

Mike Einstein, accounting major, said that he does worry about a school shooting. When asked if he would attend a training, he said that he wouldn’t but only because he already has had the training at his work, however, he would like to see more classes being held for others.

“I would attend an active shooter training class. I think it’s important to know what to do if it does happen someday. I do think about the possibilities, but I don’t stress over it, and I would definitely like to see more classes like this one being held,” said Diana Hernandez, criminal justice major.

Jon Moore, liberal studies major, is another who was given the training at his workplace. He said, “I would attend another one, the one I attended was fun!” He said the Federal police gave the class a briefing and did an exercise on how to use common office items as weapons and practiced taking down a shooter using these objects.

“I would attend a class… I think talking about active shooters is important and could save lives. I have attended classes before and had a lesson plan and presentation created at my former employer. I do not worry about an active shooter at CNM, but I am alert to the possibility, and know it could happen. Training needs to come before the incident,” said Robin Poague, criminology investigation instructor.

Cameron Chavez-Kerr, Criminal justice major, said, “I think it’s a fantastic idea to have more of these types of classes. Even to have just basic classes for freshman all the way up to more advanced classes for teachers would be something to seriously consider. I think that right now the best thing we can do to protect ourselves is to educate ourselves and remain educated.”

“At the end of the day we are all responsible for our own safety. But we can all work together as a community of students and faculty to help each other out,” Chavez-Kerr, said.

John Corvino said that he would like to have better turnouts each time he conducts these classes.


































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