CNM Global Education Showing New Mexico to the World

Story & Photo illustrations by Staff Reporter Olawale Oluwakoya

The global education at CNM is an organization that envisions and projects the best possible experience for foreign student during their time in America, said Joe Leetsma the Global Education Program Coordinator.

With a team consisting of specialized designated school officials including Director Ari Rosner-Salazar, International Student Officer Diana Matier and Leetsma, their goal is to bring diversity and internalization to the CNM campus, he said.

Mechanical engineering student Ahmed Saoudi, praised the organization, claiming international students at CNM are treated to weekly outings that familiarize them with the city of Albuquerque.

Global education is an important organization at CNM that prides itself on aiding international students to succeed in the US, while also providing the opportunity for Americans to study abroad, said Rosner-Salazar

“When the organization started there was an assumption that there would be a lot of students, the initial goal set in 2015 for our organization was a total of 130 international students and right now we have 32 students,” he said.

 CNM global education had never faced any major problems dealing with the federal government, however, around 10 to 30 percent of prospective students have their visa denied “every school has that issue”, the global ed. also faces stiff competition from other countries like Canada that provide a path to citizenship, he said.

Diana Matier claimed global ed uses allocated funds on recruitment trips to several countries every year, to educate other countries on the how a community college works.

“We want to help students interact with others, learn about different cultures and feel at home here in the beautiful city of Albuquerque,” she said.

Since the organization started in 2015, it has enrolled fifty-nine students from twenty-nine different countries from all over the world the group works with government sponsored Travel U.S.A, but Matier emphasized that it is “not a direct partnership”.

“I love my role in this organization, I oversee the intensive English language planning events and general finances of the organization, I rely on students’ feedback and places that are exclusive only to Albuquerque when planning events for the international students,” said Joe Leetsma.

If you are interested in the global education program you can send an email to, if you need more information visit the web page at

“We are always excited for new students and we are always looking to welcome new students” said Diana matier.

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