CNM Students React to Transition to Online Learning

Story by

Staff Reporters Chloe Fox and Olawale Oluwakoya

Photo illustrations by Olawale Oluwakoya

Cameroonian student Pul Gual said he perfectly understood the decision made by the school to suspend all in-person classes.

Switching to an online only format for the rest of the semester makes sense, he said

“I think it is the right decision to help slow down the spread of the virus,” said Gual.

Environmental planning and design student Sonia Cabrera agreed with the decision to convert all classes to an online only format.

“At first I thought it was pre-mature and reactionary, but with how quickly the virus spreads, I think they made the right choice,” said Cabrera.

Alexis Botello full-time radiologic technology major said the most difficult thing about working from home is “Just all the distractions mostly. I feel like it’s harder to stay focused and get everything done if you’re not in the right environment.”

“I have to be more responsible and dedicate more time from my home life that I’m not used to doing,” she said.

Having to be more responsible and trying to dedicate more time while at home is something that takes some getting used to, she said.

Other students described difficulties in the transition to online classes, like Gisselle Rascon, who said “It makes it more difficult for me to keep up. So many things are being switched up and it’s difficult to know what’s going on in each class.”

Ysabel Solis, a part-time cosmetology student said it can feel like work isn’t getting done because it’s easier to ignore stuff online and it could result in more students failing.

Cortez Martinez, a full-time liberal arts major said, all of his teachers have reached out and been extremely helpful in this process of switching the format to online.

Cortez also said that the transition has been made easier by Blackboard, saying it is “definitely a big help for the time being.”

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