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Eugene Padilla, VP of Student Services, said that CNM is open under modified operations, and students can access all services online by email or chat.

Padilla said, “We want to help students … We are here to meet the needs of the students and we are willing to work with whatever works for them.”

Angela Sims, Executive Director of Marketing said that students should be checking their email regularly for official communications from the school as this is how information is being given out.

Although text messages are being sent out to students as well, these messages will not have all the information, said Sims.

Everything that students need to know will be in their email, said Sims.

Sims stated, “There are a lot of unknowns and students have a lot of anxiety, not only about whether or not their classes will be going forward, and whether or not they will be able to meet their educational goals, but they are facing a lot of stress in their lives.”

CNM is following the safety guidelines that have been set out by the State of New Mexico, said Sims.

“Many students are managing work, or in some cases unemployment, and childcare issues, while trying to move forward with their education,” said Sims.

The goal is to keep students stay safe and to help them to carry on with their educational goals as much as possible, said Sims.

Naturally it’s frustrating for a lot of our students who are making good progress in their education, or who are close to graduating, said Sims.

It was just announced that summer classes are going to be held all online, and this is causing a lot of anxiety because a lot of students have classes that are going to be difficult to be done online and they may be cancelled, said Sims.

CNM is trying to keep as many classes for summer as it possibly can, unfortunately, there are certain classes that just can’t be taught online, said Sims.

It’s difficult to convert courses that have lab components and other requirements that need to be done in person, said Sims.

CNM is trying to convert as many classes as possible into an online format, but some like CDL classes can’t be done online, said Sims.

Students are being asked to not drop any classes right now and to hold tight until details are finalized on April 16, said Sims.

Students will receive an email notifying them if any classes have been canceled, otherwise they should expect their schedule to continue as normal, said Sims.

Students should know that resources are still available including admissions and registration, said Padilla.

Students can reach Admissions by emailing, or by calling (505) 224-3000, said Padilla.

If students need help around their application, staff are available to talk to them about it and help them get through this process said Padilla.

New students are still required to complete an online New Student Orientation and should speak with an academic advisor, said Padilla.

“It’s really important to make sure that people are talking to someone at the very beginning,” said Padilla.

All returning students can access Academic Advisement online through the Connect Services website to set up an online appointment or chat, said Padilla

There are people there that can help them figure out an alternate class, if their class is cancelled, what else should they take to stay on track, and those advisers, they can help them figure it out , said Sims.

Padilla said, “Financial aid is still available for both the summer and fall terms, and because tuition is so low, the Pell grant is usually enough to cover tuition, books, and a computer, without having to take out student loans.” 

Padilla said, “One of our values of our college is being connected and understanding that we are not alone in this. We are here to help students in a really meaningful way.”

Message from CNM’s president:


Students can be transferred to any of the following departments by calling (505) 224-3000, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Academic Advisement: 

Financial Aid Office:

Technical Support:

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