CNM Embraces Virtual Graduation

Story by Staff Reporter Chloe Fox

CNM’s graduation for Spring 2020 has been moved to an online format, in the form of student slides, pre-recorded speeches, and ceremony, according to Student Services Events Manager Nicole Romero.  

Romero said that graduates should have received their invitation in their CNM email to RSVP for virtual graduation, and they will be able to upload the photograph and a quote, up to 150 characters, that they would like to appear on their slide.

Each graduate will have their own customizable slide, which will be displayed when the graduation page is accessed according to Romero.

“The slides will have their pictures, their awards, such as Associate in Sociology, and whatever quote they have if they choose to have one on there, so it will be very personalized,” said Romero. “The graduate can click on just theirs, and it will announce their name and show their slide. Or, click on none of them, or all of them.”

Romero said that the graduation will have a welcome section, a national anthem singer, student speeches, as well as speeches from the president. 

Romero said that these speeches will be in the form of linked videos embedded in the graduation website. 

Romero said the conferring of the degree from the president of CNM, including the tradition of turning the tassels of graduation caps, will also be accessible. 

“They’re still going to do it just because it’s a formal, traditional part of the ceremony, so the President will do hers, and if anybody of course has theirs and they want to do it then they can,” said Romero. 

According to Romero, the link that graduates receive to the virtual graduation will be theirs to keep, share, and access even after graduation day. 

Romero said that this way of doing graduation means a total start-to finish time of about 45 minutes. 

The deadline for students to RSVP via the link in their email is April 24th, said Romero. 

“It’s imperative our students get in and register, as soon as they can,” Romero said. 

However, Romero said 2020 graduates are also welcome to participate in the next in-person graduation ceremony, slated for Spring 2021. 

According to Romero, graduates are welcome to participate in either the virtual graduation this year or the in-person ceremony next year, but they can also participate in both. 

Romero said students would just have to contact Student Services in the Fall 2020 semester in order to register for the Spring 2021 graduation. 

Romero also said that even though students are not required to purchase a cap and gown for the ceremony, the CNM bookstore will have all of the typical memorabilia available for 2020 graduates so they can still have keepsakes. 

“We acknowledge their hard work and we want to celebrate that, and I think as a college we are doing what we can to celebrate that,” said Romero of the 2020 graduates. 

CNM typically gives out diploma covers at graduation, and Romero said the school is working to find a way to make those available for participants in the virtual graduation as well. 

“We will make those available, but we are just not sure how yet,” said Romero.  Romero said additional up to date information about the virtual graduation, along with the link to retrieve your invitation if you haven’t received one, is available at

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