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CNM ranked first for online colleges according to Guide to Online Schools, a site that strives to be a comprehensive guide to schools and a resource for students to make the best decisions in regards to choosing a school, according to Adria Vaughn, a Guide to Online Schools representative.

“Guide to Online Schools has been publishing rankings of online colleges since 2009,” said Vaughn. “Our ranking system helps students better understand the return on investment of a specific degree option.”

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Of course it’s also a tool for schools to leverage when looking for potential students, said Vaughn.

The schools considered for the ranking had to be offering at least one online associate degree program, according to Vaughn, meaning that there were a total of five community colleges in New Mexico that were included.

Each school considered was given a score that was calculated by retention or graduation rate, online enrollment percentage, and the number of online associate degrees offered, said Vaughn.

Although CNM has a higher tuition than some of the school on the list, said Vaughn, it is only supplemental information and is not used to consider the quality of the school.

“Graduation or retention rate was weighted highest to ensure that the rankings highlighted the schools whose students are most likely to earn a degree,” said Vaughn.

Financial aid and resources available at each school is not a factor when considering ranking, according to Vaughn.

Vaughn said that the rankings are meant to be a tool to help students find programs best designed to fit their educational goals and needs and that while “rankings may not directly impact how potential employers view individual resumes, we hope that the information provided will guide students to select a program that allows them to pursue their career goals”.

According to Vaughn, there is an overall ranking across the nation, but CNM unfortunately did not make that national ranking for 2020.

Guide to Online Schools is a resource for students and potential students, including tools beyond school rankings, said Vaughn.

These tools include rankings by degree levels and program titles, student reviews, and supplemental resources pertaining to online education, said Vaughn. Guide to Online Schools:

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