Tag: Issue 4 Volume 19

CNM employee union takes a stand

By: Daniel Montaño, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Daniel Montaño The CNM Employees Union is sending a clear message to the American Federation of Teachers: unless AFT of New Mexico provides more services and support, CNMEU is going to leave the federation, said Andy Tibble, Reading instructor and […]

Bringing community back to the front yard

By: Daniel Montaño A construction project taking place behind CNM’s main campus on Buena Vista Drive and St. Cyr Avenue is intended to create friendships, com­munity, sustainability and a super-adobe eco-dome, said Mitchell Olson, former CNM Art major. Olson is one of the many volunteers partici­pating in the […]

Film student on location

By: Adriana Avila, Senior Reporter Film student Rhiannon Keams said she will be work­ing on an upcoming feature film titled “Mortal.” This action thriller will show viewers a plague ridden society where vengeance plays key for the protagonist. “‘Mortal’ is going to be a pretty huge movie from […]