CNM’s Fall Fesival

By Stephanie Stuckey

Staff Reporter

CNM’s first fall festival was held at three different CNM campuses: Main, Montoya, and the Westside from October 26-28.

Student events and program manager Libby Fatta said that the festival was made possible through the efforts of the Engagement Task Team which is composed of students, staff, and faculty.

CNM was represented well at the festival with many information tables such as CNM Connect Services, the Fitness Department, Math, Science & Engineering, ACE, the Disability Resource Center, the Student Nursing Association, and achievement coaches.

This gave CNM students the opportunity to speak with representatives right then and there, face-to-face.

Ruby Encinias, achievement coach, was informing students that the school of Communications, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CHSS) is providing flash advisement periodically throughout each term at Main Campus.

Flash advisement is reaching out to students and evaluating their degree process, Encinias said.

Barbara Garcia, a work study in the ACE department, was letting students know that tutoring is free on every campus.

The fall festival was also a great way to give students an opportunity to get involved in student clubs and organizations.

Matthew McPheeters, the vice president of the Math League of CNM, wants to inform students that the Math League meets every Saturday at JS303 for study sessions.

“Student government is basically taking temperatures around campus about issues like smoking,” said Phillip Cox, the president of student government.

To get involved or to receive email updates about these clubs and organizations students could sign-up at the tables and in most cases received a sweet or savory treat such as candy or pizza for doing so.

There were also opportunities for students who are veterans and their spouses, ESL, GED, and developmental education students, and the unemployed or underemployed to apply for the SUN PATH Program at CNM.

The SUN PATH Program at CNM will prepare students for careers in healthcare by teaching students the necessary skills to do their job while preparing them for the workforce.

Mavrina Sanchez, a job development coach at CNM for the SUN PATH Program, said there are workshops on campus and one-on-one meetings.

Among the many CNM representatives, were many representatives from around the community as well.

Nusenda Credit Union, N.M. Primary Care Association, Lobo Village, Verizon, Wells Fargo, PopeJoy, N.M. Rail Runner, and the Bernalillo County Clerk were some that were there.

Patricia Pacheco who does voter outreach for the Bernalillo Co. Clerk’s office said “your vote is your voice as an American citizen; it is your opportunity for your voice to be heard.”

She was there registering students to vote.

Nicole Trujillo from N.M. Rail Runner wants students to know that they will receive a student discount with their student I.D., there is a monthly discount offered which works well for out-of-town students, and if students purchase their pass online, they will receive an additional $10 off the student discount.

PopeJoy of UNM was there giving students the opportunity to enter their names for a drawing to win tickets to a show.

There is also an offer of up to 40% off for CNM students for specified shows.

Visit for more information.

Minerva Valenzuela, the manager at Lobo Village, wants CNM students to know that they are welcome and encouraged to live at Lobo Village, it is not just for UNM students.

“Lobo Village is a great networking connection,” she said.

Fatta said this was a repeat of summer fest which was held at CNM and went well.

The Engagement Task team decided on doing a fall festival when there would be more students and more traffic, she said.

The location for the fall festival was changed from where it was held in the summer; fall fest at Main Campus was held in the courtyard.

“The plan for the fall festival was to have more vendors and more entertainment,” Fatta said.

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