Finals week no more

By Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Finals week has been where all instructors would present the finals that students must take.

The change of this policy has had some effects on a few students, state the students of CNM.

No longer having a finals week might harm students in a variety of ways, said Liberal Arts major Jessica Morales.

Some students might already have things planned for the way it usually was and it might hurt them by preparing the wrong way, she said.

“Some negative sides to this is that some students might have conflicting schedules to the final exams,” said Architecture major Orlando Sparsa.

Some students might not be ready for some exams depending on when the instructors have them scheduled, he said.

On the other side, this would make it fairer for students, since people who do not show up to class will have a harder time passing, said Criminology major Soraida Soto.

“This could affect the way some students look at CNM and might make them go somewhere else for school,” she said.

This will actually harm students by contributing to test anxiety and stress making them have lower test scores than they would regularly have, said Biology major Daniel Morales.

Although it might affect the students, the school itself will not have a big change on its part, he said.

This is still an excellent decision by CNM because it might be less pressure on the student since there could be less problems, Morales said.

This would give more leniency toward everybody, Sparsa said.                                                            Other than this I believe that everything else will stay the same, he said.

“I believe this change is better, I remember last semester I had a conflicting schedule with another class at the Montoya campus and this change could help students that face the same situation that I had,” said Integrated Studies major Tatianna Perlinsky.

Other than affecting the students who do not study there is no way that this change can affect anyone else; the instructors still have to do everything the same way so there really is no change on their part, she said.

If students are prepared this change should cause little to no problems, she said.

It can be very helpful but maybe more confusing depending on the class and the instructor, said Jessica Morales.

“I only see this change making it easier on instructor so they can maintain their regular schedule and that is it,” said Morales.

As for the rest of the CNM staff there are not many things that will change for them with no more finals week, he said.

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