ECOS Recruiting For Business and Fun

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Angelique Cox

The Executive Council of Students or ECOS is currently operational according to Colin Stapleton, an active council member, and will be holding game nights after their meetings, starting with our next two regular meetings on 6/26 and 7/10.

Currently, ECOS is operating via videoconferences due to COVID-19 and all students are welcome to attend, said Stapleton.

“The game nights are an open invitation for students to join us in the same Jitsi Meet chatroom, to hang out, and play online games together,” said Stapleton. “The intent is to provide a virtual space for students to get together and socialize.”

ECOS meetings are every other Friday during the summer from three to five, according to Stapleton.

“If students want to just join and chat, or ask ECOS questions, they are also welcome to do so,” said Stapleton. “ECOS is also recruiting new members.”

Those interested in participating or joining should email or stop by a virtual meeting, he said, encouraging non-members to attend.

Stapleton made a point of saying, “ECOS is a powerful tool for addressing problems that students have with CNM. If a student needs help with something or has an idea for student activities, they should contact us.”

It’s not all serious, however, with the game nights scheduled from 5-6pm, immediately following the ECOS meetings, he said.

“This is not intended to be a serious gaming group, the games are just a convenient activity,” said Stapleton.

“We’ll probably start with games on, which are free multiplayer games that can run in a web browser, but we’re open to suggestions, and will probably experiment with different types of games,” said Stapleton.

He said the goal is to find games that are free, and easily accessible.

“ECOS is primarily interested in encouraging student socialization, particularly between students who don’t attend classes together,” he said.

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