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Big Day for CNM Students

On Thursday, November the third CNM was visited by President Joe Biden, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, Senator Ben Ray Lujan, and Congressional Representatives Melanie Stansbury and Teresa Leger Fernandez

President Biden reaffirmed his commitments to reduce economic burdens for students. However, as of the time of this publication, it should be noted that the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has deemed the measure unconstitutional. It is not known if the injunction will be appealed (Source CNBC).

While speaking, President Biden stated that the vast majority of holders of student debt are in delinquency and will most likely never pay their dues back to the federal government. Forgiveness allows the government to focus its forces on recouping viable loans. While allowing forgiven borrowers to avoid financial destitution.

By Senior Staff Reporter; Jonathan Wolfgang

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President Biden
Teresa Leger Fernandez, Melanie Stansbury, and Ben Ray Luján
Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

Sexual Health Stations at CNM

By: Devonny Grajeda

Senior Staff Reporter

CNM is introducing new sexual health stations on campus that are supposed to help students feel comfortable regarding sexual health. Former Phi Theta Kappa President and CNM graduate student Analaura Prado came up with the idea to implement sexual health stations around CNM’s campus.

Ms. Prado & PTK members were inspired by UNM’s sexual health stations around campus which had sexual health stations scattered around the campus she said. She then thought that the sexual health stations could benefit CNM as well.

For now, the stations are mainly located at main campus, later they might add on around the rest of the campus she said. Right now, one of the stations is located downstairs in the boys and girl’s restroom near the library she said.

“Even though I’m not president or even a student at CNM I’m still happy I can be a part of it. Or still kind of be a part of it since it was my idea,” said Ms. Prado.

The stations have latex condoms, pregnancy tests and bookmarks on how to take them, and informational sheets regarding sexual health she said.

Right now, the future of the stations is to focus on expanding to other CNM locations and possibly adding new items such as pads and tampons. Everything is still a work in progress, kind of a trial and error, having adjustments, and finding funding she said.

“The purpose basically is for students to be comfortable and just go in the bathroom and take what they need but not too much, I hope. Use it without judgement because I know it can be kind of nerve wrecking to buy it in stores and get it in front of people. Comfort is one of the main things” she said. The stations are meant to serve the students and give back to students at CNM she said. Mostly for comfort, resources, and just having that outlet for these types of situations she added