The Elections and CNM: Governor’s Race

The Elections and CNM: Governor’s Race Second in an occasional series The Chronicle has been interviewing candidates on their thinking about community colleges, specifically CNM, and how their ideas would translate into their jobs following the Nov. 6 general elections. This package offered candidates for the New Mexico […]

Why Your Vote Matters

Photo by Hailey Tolleson/Chronicle photo The Admissions Office waits quietly at Main Campus in this photograph taken late Friday, but CNM officials said the office – and other designated voter-registration sites throughout CNM – were ready to accommodate crowds of students during a school-wide voter-registration drive Oct. 8 […]

Last Pounce to Register Voters at CNM

  Photo by Hailey Tolleson/Chronicle photo A poster directs students to one of several voter-registration sites around CNM. This one is at the Student Activities Office in the Student Services Center on Main Campus. First of two articles, see related article Why Your Vote Matters, following this one. Story […]

Balloon Fiesta 2018 Beckons

By Staci Bostic-Baros, staff reporter Photo by Hailey Tolleson Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque was ready this week and quietly anticipating opening festivities Oct. 6. Fall is officially upon us. For CNM students and staff, that means Balloon Fiesta is right around the corner. With morning and evening […]